Saturday, November 24, 2012

New blog

If you want to continue following my blog here is the new site bellow.  I decided to create a new one, which took a lot of time.  Please follow me on the gadget on the right hand side of the web page.  Here is the link.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Looks like I have used all my photo storage for my blog.  I am not sure what to do, create a new blog or pay to add more pictures.  Anyway I have a ton of post to add, so I am gonna go to the computer genius my sister and figure something out. More to come soon!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My lil guy is growing!  Beckett sure is moving around alot these days.  He loves to flip over on to his tummy.  I just had to take a few pictures of him doing it.  Beckett also loves the crochet blanket my sister made for him, we rarely go any where with out it!

The letter?

Saturday afternoon I came back from a church activity I was in charge of to find Cooper was wounded.  By none other than the rabbit!  Turns out he was eating a carrot on the floor next to the rabbit and ended up getting bit on the lip!  I came home to an I am sorry letter from Allison, begging not to take her Tigerlily away.  I was not really that upset, I was actually glad our family pictures were canceled (due to the wind storm we had Saturday) since Cooper's lip was swollen.


When my mom knew about the move to Fort Worth there began talk about wither they were going to take the piano, so naturally I jumped in and begged for the piano.  This special piano belonged to my Aunt, who drove it down to Texas in a Uhaul from northern California at least if not more than 20 years ago.  I took several lesson's with my sister Courtney, but I had to face facts I just didn't have the talent, or the slender fingers!  But when we had Beckett my mom spent time with Allison and guess who is a natural?! That's right my mom has successfully taught my daughter two songs on the piano.  So know we have the piano and Allison is to begin lesson come January!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr. fix it!

After ten years of marriage I guess some of the things you own start to fall apart.  Recently our vacuum stoped working, turns out after Richard took it apart it was totally fixable, I just had to order a part.  Then our dryer stopped drying, I was pretty sure I knew the problem sense the clothes weren't hot.  Richard also took it apart and replaced the part and yay another thing fixed!!  I also have to give a huge shout out to Richard for driving to Midland and back to Hobbs in a Uhaul to get my moms piano for us! Did I mention that Richard went to Midland to pick up an early Christmas present for me?  My new coach purse!!  With a thirty percent off coupon and 150 dollars Dillard's gift card (that I got with my thank you points), and a some out of his own pocket.

I am seriously glad I have Richard to change the light bulbs I cant reach, hang our Christmas lights every year, open tight jars, give the cars oil changes, change flat tires, jump my car, fix any broken toy etc etc!  I didn't grow up with my dad, or had any real male figure in my life.  I truly appreciate all Richard does for me and our children.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

4 Months!

On the 6th Baby B turned 4 months old!  We drove into Midland for his doctors appointment.  Richard stayed home from work because he was so sick and Cooper seemed to have the same symptoms so they had a restful day together.  That meant I got to drive alone with Beckett, which was SO quiet, I kept looking back to see if I was missing someone.  The appointment was a success for Beckett!

                                                                4 Month Stats:
                                                             Weight: 14.12 lbs (51%)
                                                              Length: 27.8 inches (90%)
                                                              Head: 44.0 cm (90%)

  Baby B is so tall, Dr said he is the same height as an average 8 month old! Everyone says Beckett is a big boy, the kid doesn't have a single roll on that body.  He is just a solid kid from head to toe.  Beckett also got his 4 month shots, which he was NOT happy about.  It took me forever to calm him down and he has been super fussy since. I mean MAD, nothing has really soothed him today:(

Here is what Beckett is up to lately.  He is only waking once a night, or he will sleep tell 5am and wake to eat then taking a long morning nap.   Beckett still takes 3 good naps during the day, my guy is such a sleeper!  Last week Beckett mastered rolling from both sides.  This week he rolls to his tummy straight on to his hands and lifts his little head up.  Beckett loves people, especially his siblings, he is always laughing at Cooper, and is easily soothed by Allison.  This past Friday Beckett rolled around so much he can literally turn around an entire 360 degree angle and usually gets stuck under the couch!  We finally moved Beckett to his crib, the kid was just rolling in his bassinet.  It amazes me how fast Beckett has grown in these few months.  I wake up in the morning and cant wait to see his face, it hurts be to be away from him.  And know Beckett recognizes me and when he cant see me he will get upset. He is very use to people and being around them, so he doesn't like to be by himself.  I love my lil guy so much he has definitely found his way right into my heart.